Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie

This pikachu kigurumi pajama is made of fleece and not very baggy. It can be used for animal costumes, halloween costumes, and animal themed dress up party. Pikachu kigurumi is one of the most adorable kigurumi pajamas.

Size Chart

Choose the size according to the height
Based on the height

Size Chart

Size Height 
(Recommended Size)
(Except hats)
Chest Sleeve
110 3'1"~3'7" (95~110cm) 34.2"(87cm) 18.8" (48cm) 16.9"(43cm)
130 3'7"~4'3" (110~130cm) 41.7"(106cm) 20.4" (52cm) 19.4"(49.5cm)
140 4'3"~4'6" (130~140cm) 46.4"(118cm) 21.3" (56cm) 22.0"(59.5cm)
XS 4'6"~4'9" (140~150cm) 50.4"(118cm) 22.0" (56cm) 23.6"(59.5cm)
S 4'11"~5'5" (150~165cm) 53.1"(135cm) 22.8" (58cm) 26.5"(67.5cm)
One Sizes(M/L) 5'6"~5'10" (166~178cm) 58.2"(148cm) 26.7" (68cm) 28.9"(73.5cm)
XL 5'10"~6'3" (179~190cm) 62.9"(160cm) 27.9" (71cm) 31.5"(80cm)

Error tolerance of±5cm is possible depending on the manufacturing date and measuring location

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Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie

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