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Sloth Onesie Animal Costumes Kigurumi Pajamas

Sloth Onesie Animal Costumes Kigurumi Pajamas
Sloth Onesie Animal Costumes Kigurumi Pajamas Sloth Onesie Animal Costumes Kigurumi Pajamas
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Sloth Onesie Adult Sloth Onesie Adult Sloth Costume Animal Costumes Animal Onesies Kigurumi Pajamas

smiley sloth face, circular ear patches, flappy tail, drawstring hood, and hidden side seam pockets.

Sloths are amazing mammals that have adapted to life in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. Although sloths move slowly, they are not lazy or unintelligent.  Although sloths today are known for being moderately-sized primates, ancient sloths were giants whose size rivaled that of elephants. The demeanor of sloths make them seem as if they are perpetually sleepy, even when they are wide awake.
The sloth is the perfect kigurumi animal pajama for the living smaller. The embodiment of how slow life can be. The sloth is renowned for his laziness, so what better animal onesies could there be for lounging around at home. His wide smile is sure to go down well too.

Size Chart

Choose the size according to the height
Based on the height

Size Chart

Size Height
(Recommended Size)
(Except hats)
Chest Sleeve
110 3'1"~3'7" (95~110cm) 34.2"(87cm) 18.8" (48cm) 16.9"(43cm)
130 3'7"~4'3" (110~130cm) 41.7"(106cm) 20.4" (52cm) 19.4"(49.5cm)
140 4'3"~4'6" (130~140cm) 46.4"(118cm) 21.3" (56cm) 22.0"(59.5cm)
XS 4'6"~4'9" (140~150cm) 50.4"(118cm) 22.0" (56cm) 23.6"(59.5cm)
S 4'11"~5'3.8" (150~162cm) 53.1"(135cm) 22.8" (58cm) 26.5"(67.5cm)
M 5'5"~5'8" (162~175cm) 58.2"(148cm) 24.4" (62cm) 28.9"(73.5cm)
L 5'9"~6'2" (175~187cm) 61.8"(157cm) 26.7" (68cm) 31.5"(80cm)

Error tolerance of±5cm is possible depending on the manufacturing date and measuring location

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